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Boys & Blokes urged to start a conversation about DV at a red bench during National Domestic and Fam

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Media Release - Zanthii Communications

A national domestic and family violence support charity is urging boys and men from across Queensland to sit on any one of more than 300+ red benches, and have a conversation about how we, as a community, can change the ending to domestic violence.

The Red Rose Foundation has launched the “Boys & Blokes on the Bench” campaign in May to co-incide with National Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month.

“The red bench provides an excellent opportunity to start a conversation about domestic and family violence, and how it impacts on us all,” said Red Rose Foundation Chairperson and Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Domestic and Family Violence Project Officer, Jim Boden.

“The campaign is a chance for all men to show support, and perhaps even sit and talk with friends and family about an issue that affects too many.”

The presence of a red bench in a public location aims to raise awareness, and provide an opportunity for the important issue of domestic and family violence to remain visible.

“We cannot be silent about things that matter, and men’s violence towards women and children matters," said Red Rose Foundation Board Member and Central Queensland University Senior Lecturer, Domestic and Family Violence Practice Program, Dr Brian Sullivan.

“The majority of men are not violent or abusive but as men are the predominant aggressors, non-violent men need to be at the forefront of changing men’s beliefs and attitudes, and behaviours.

“We cannot be passive or silent in the face of such a national tragedy. The red bench initiative provides a platform for men to discuss and speak up with a united voice for change.

“We cannot miss this opportunity - men of all ages, and boys too, need to be involved.

“The school that I attended has stepped up and this is proactive leadership - I challenge other schools, colleges, universities, and other organisations to join this initiative and conversation. Working together, we can contribute powerfully to changing the ending."

The Red Rose Foundation is a national not-for-profit charity working to end domestic violence across our communities. The organisation is especially concerned at the high number of domestic violence deaths that occur each year through homicide and suicide.

The charity also acknowledges that tragically, many domestic violence related deaths have many predictive elements and are largely considered preventable.

“The Red Rose Foundation is determined to break the cycle and change the ending for these women,” said Red Rose Foundation Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Betty Taylor

“We are proud of the substantial work we have done in the field, and the enormous positive benefit our work is having for so many women.

“The foundation continues to grow and be successful in offering women with a well-informed journey.”

The Red Bench Project was launched by the Red Rose Foundation in 2019, installing red benches throughout the community as permanent reminders that domestic violence occurs within our communities, and that we have the power to change the ending.

“It is Red Rose Foundation’s aim to have at least one red bench in every local government area in Queensland, with each carrying a plaque,” said Ms Taylor.

The first of the red benches was unveiled on 15 May, 2019 in Cleveland by Redland’s Mayor, Karen Williams. There are now more than 300 red benches throughout Queensland.

The Red Rose Foundation is urging local government, State government, schools, universities, hospitals and community groups to sponsor the supply and install of a red bench, and the metal plaque with the wording: Domestic Violence: Let's Change The Ending.

The plaque may also include dual logos - Red Rose Foundation and the logo of the organisation.

To learn more about the Red Rose Foundation and its programs, please visit:

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