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Safety & Accountability, Always.

Domestic Violence Intervention Education and Training

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We aim to help the helpers; care for the carers; and prepare practitioners to provide safe, accountable, consistent, and evidence informed services for those with whom they work - focusing on the family and domestic violence sector, with allied trauma related services. We do this via:

Training for safe, accountable DV intervention

Program Consultation and Development

Supervision of men’s DV intervention program staff

Program Review and Development

Who We Work With

  • Professional practitioners in DV intervention services;

  • Men’s domestic violence intervention programs and facilitators;

  • Counselling services;

  • Professionals in statutory organisations who work with DV victims and offenders;

  • Other allied services who work with DV victim/survivors or DV offenders. This includes social workers, psychologists, counsellors, criminologists, probation and parole officers, police officers, child safety workers, etc.

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Our Mission Is to Serve and Support

who work with domestic violence victims and offenders with appropriate




We strive to enhance the safety, accountability, and effectiveness of professional practice. This is to build DV responses that are safe, accountable, integrated, and consistent and help to eliminate errors of assessment; errors of judgement; errors of action and inaction as much as possible, for every individual who seeks or needs safe responses and interventions.

Our Programs, Consultation and Education Training

See what Sicura has to offer

I really enjoyed this training – very thorough and well set-out. I honestly feel more confident in my skills as well as the motivation to work with this cohort and inspire change




A society where the dignity, equality, autonomy, and liberty of all, are promoted, practiced, and protected – and where families (women, children, and men) are free from violence, abuse, fear, and intimidation underpinned by safe, accountable , professional services and practitioners.
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