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Take Action this DFV Prevention Month

Former US President Jimmy Carter gave an inspiring Ted Talk in 2015 in which he said that the number one human rights violation in the world today was violence against women and girls.

These abuses against women and girls continue to happen, he said, because “in general, men don’t give a damn”. Men, this month of May being the DFV Prevention Month, whoever you are, wherever you work, whatever your station in life, let’s show that we and most men do give a damn!

These are our sisters, our cousins, our aunts, our mothers, our friends, our neighbours. These are our fellow human beings. We need them and they need us. Our society, our families, our children are the less because of what men’s violence has prevented women from doing and from being.

So, we will stand up and speak out and act for women’s emotional and physical safety, and the accountability of and change of male perpetrators. No more violence, no more excuses, no more ifs and buts, no more heads in the sand, no more weak political will, no more talk of gender symmetry, no more “what about the men”, no more shaming and blaming, …..

Whatever it takes, let’s just do it!!!

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