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Recent update

April, 2023

Some recent Australian research has highlighted the need for adequate clinical supervision and targeted training for facilitators of men’s domestic violence intervention programs (December 2022: Volume 6, Issue 4 | Psychreg Journal of Psychology ). We need to ensure that our workers are prepared, supported, and ready to meet the challenges they face. These are the very needs that Sicura hopes to meet. We aim to support facilitators, advocates and other DFV professionals in their practice and professional safety and well-being, ultimately for the safety of victim/survivors, and for accountability and rehabilitation of offenders.


So, we are very excited to launch our calendar of training and events for 2023. Please visit our 'Upcoming Training' page on the SICURA website to explore this year’s training for professionals who work or wish to work in the domestic violence response and intervention sector. You can express your interest or even sign up for the training now. Should you seek further information please find the contact details below. You will notice that supervision of professionals and programmes is offered also. This may take the form of group or individual supervision. Please explore the options on the website.


Please note, our Safe Accountable Facilitator Education Program (S.A.F.E.), which is 25 hours of training to prepare and refresh those who work or wish to work with men’s domestic violence intervention groups is available upon request.

In this three-part video series, Dr Ron Frey and Dr Brian Sullivan explore a practitioner’s perspective on men’s use of violence.

Recent events

Aug, 2023

Dr Brian Sullivan features on the podcast 'There's No Place Like Home' by Future Women to discuss jealousy that manifests in forms of abuse.

FW_LikeHomeS2_Explainers_0118 (1).jpg

Feb, 2023

Brian Sullivan Excited to be involved in new QPS domestic violence training with QPS DV specialist officers

Nov, 2022

Brian Sullivan quoted in the new companion report by the Commission of Inquiry into Queensland Police Service responses to domestic and family violence

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 1.55.37 pm.png

Nov 24, 2022

Brian Sullivan Guest Speaker at the
WLSQ Legal Profession Breakfast

Brian shared his knowledge and expertise at the recent Legal Profession Breakfast to better the understanding of the micro and macro impacts of DFV prevention.


Nov 15, 2022

Brian Sullivan Training the Red Rose Foundation: High Risk Training

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 3.39.13 pm.png

Aug 28, 2022

Brian Sullivan Featured on Sky News


Discuses why adding another layer of legislation to coercive control criminalisation laws in New South Wales may actually 'set us up for failure'.

*Click picture to view whole video*


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